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About My Company

Our Vision

Provide excellent HVAC services to our clients to make them happy, comfortable, and healthy while providing jobs, education, and skills to the new generation of future HVAC Technicians. We strive to give back to the local community colleges and provide an excellent work environment for our employees.

Our Mission

Change lives through education and new technologies by accomplishing jobs exceeding the industry standards, while providing complete client satisfaction.

Birdie's Big Ten

  1. Honesty - Whether it's good news, bad news, our fault, or someone else's fault, we will always have 100% honest answers for you. There is no reason to lie unless you are trying to cover something up. There are many HVAC companies caught in lies over numerous amount of things. We promise we will always provide full transparency, even if we are in the wrong.
  2. Education - Our focus is ALWAYS on learning new things. No person can "know it all" in the HVAC industry, and even if they say they do, we can promise you they don't. Technologies constantly change, and the best technicians know you must continue to learn to be at the top. Education is one of our biggest focuses at our company, and it does not stop with HVAC. Our employees also have opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally, and physically, along with help with their financial goals. Meetings held weekly focus on different personal development topics.
  3. Passion - To be hired, every Birdie employee must have a passion for HVAC. Without passion, there is no will to do what's best for the customer. Birdie employees are passionate about providing the highest quality workmanship, customer experience, and care for our customer's homes, the community, and our industry reputation.
  4. Relations - Birdie employees have the utmost care for all of our customers. We care about not only your HVAC equipment but also your home, needs, and requests. Customer experience is one of our highest priorities. We want to serve you for a lifetime and not just one time. We strive to provide the BEST customer experiences in the industry. Our company always appreciates and implements recommendations to improve our customer experience.
  5. Professionalism - Birdie employees are very professional and carry themselves with pride, integrity, and respect for all. Respect for persons and property is one of the highest priorities in providing an excellent customer experience. Employees caught doing anything unprofessional or unwanted will be reprimanded and removed from your property, and this is a zero-tolerance policy for our company.
  6. Privacy and Security - Our clients' privacy and security are hands down our TOP priority. Client's information, personal or business, and home life are never to be discussed with anyone. We provide services inside your private home/business, and you should ensure this is the most crucial policy at Birdie Heating and Cooling. HVAC technicians occasionally have to access very personal regions of people's homes and rest assured, all of our employees are background checked to the fullest extent. Every Birdie Heating and Cooling employee has a complete understanding of this policy. If any Birdie Heating and Cooling employee shares any personal information about our clients, their homes, or businesses, they will be fired promptly. This is a Zero-Tolerance policy to ensure the highest quality experience.
  7. Quality - Birdie Heating and Cooling employees pride themselves on the highest quality of craftsmanship and tools to do the job. There are plenty of companies out there that do average work with ten-year-old tools and get jobs done to provide heating and cooling. At Birdie, we are "Better Than Par" by exceeding industry norms by installing your equipment with the finest tools, materials, and craftsmanship in the industry. Our tools are just one thing that sets us far apart from most. We use the highest quality tools and do signficant research before making tool purchases. The quality of tools, materials, and craftsmanship is the only way to ensure the best installation, service, and maintenance of HVAC systems. Since our industry is constantly evolving, this is just one more thing Birdie focuses on to provide the quality of work our clients deserve.
  8. Responsiveness - Communication between our team, clients, and suppliers is vital to our company. Prompt responses to our clients are a significant focus for the company. Internal communication within the company is also important, as a team that communicates together is capable of providing excellent customer experiences. Communication between Birdie Heating and Cooling and our equipment suppliers is also a core value focused on ensuring superior services. Miscommunications between our team, clients, or suppliers could cause poor experiences, so we focus heavily on this within our company.
  9. Teamwork - Teamwork is a core foundation that every company should focus on; however, many companies need to improve in this category. Birdie Heating and Cooling has daily, weekly, and monthly team meetings to ensure operations run smoothly and effectively. We strive to be the best team possible because teams that work together win together. Our version of winning is providing excellent customer experiences to our clients, with HVAC services second to none.
  10. Cleanliness - Our team strives to leave your home/business in the same condition, if not cleaner, than when we started working. We want your home or business to stay clean, damage free, and healthy. We wear booties, use drop cloths, and will use cardboard to protect your home inside and outside. We also ensure our vehicles are well maintained to prevent any damage to the outside of your home due to fluid leaks or chances of breakdowns at your home. We want to emulate a "White Glove HVAC Service" so you can have the most extraordinary customer experience possible.

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Algonquin Lake In The Hills Chamber Of Commerce

Algonquin Lake In The Hills Chamber Of Commerce